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We get to know not only your brand, but your stakeholders, advocates, users, fans and critics.

Once we have grasped just how unique your product or services are, and come to understand your principles, values and company culture, we will discuss what we believe is the best Message and the best way to deliver it.

The Oakman Cup 2017

Hundreds of kids from Oakman-sponsored community rugby clubs, being given a day at the finest Championship ground in England

2021 - The year Corporate Social Responsibility became measured

Creating a Corporate Legacy

For almost all of this year, we have collectively been making instant changes to routines and work, not only to survive, but for the good of our staff. customers and society.

Those changes will, we think, prove impossible to roll back when the virus blows over.

Indeed we believe that we are entering a new era of social enterprise, probably coupled with a more socially sustainable economic model. This new era of corporate Social Responsibility will create a new balance between bottom line, and societal impact. These in turn will effect HR, charity, production methods, and supply chains.

We suspect we are heading towards a new, and acceptable system for combining a sustainable business model, with an acceptable profit model that generates income and growth.
This coming decade will be one where profit becomes acceptable again - because it has helped to empower the Communities that helped produce it.

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20-20 Public Relations works tirelessly to ensure that whatever you do, you are seen to be doing it as honestly, ethically and sustainably as you can.

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