The Mongol Rally 2019 – Grandad’s motor takes a trip

The Mongol Rally is arguably the most irresponsible activity anyone can undertake in a world rightly concerned with Health, Safety and Common Sense. Paah! We disagree, which is why we are delighted to be able to help Daniel and Adriaan in their quest to raise over £10k for SSAFA and COOL EARTH. Please take a […]

Marks & Spencer

I have – without wishing to sound at all portentous – seen the future. Or at any rate the first of the many, many Christmas TV ad “specials”, this one from Marks & Spencer. All of them will have bags of CGI, tons of hugs for anthropomorphised characters, politically correct affection levels between humans and […]

Trust Edelman – no surprise!

About this time of year, just as my heart fills with the smell of strawberries and mown grass, and the sounds of TMS and murmuring insects, I lower the joy gauge by rereading Edelman’s Trust Barometer for the year. Edelman is, of course, the world’s largest independently owned public relations firm and every year they […]